Nurturing Parenting Program

TEACH Inc. uses the Nurturing Parenting programs. These programs are family centered classes that focus on building nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to spanking, hitting, and yelling. Classes are for both the parents and the children learning similar skills with children learning at their developmental level.

Classes for the following groups are available:

Nurturing Parenting for children 0-5

The information and instruction is centered towards specific issues for parents and their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Nurturing Parenting of Children 5-12

Information and instruction for parents and children with challenges around school and issues school age children face.

Prenatal Nurturing Parenting

Information and instruction for expecting parents wanting information and a special connection to their unborn child.

Nurturing Parenting for Teen Parents and At Risk Teens

Information and Instruction focused on issues and self-esteem involving teen parents as well as teens at risk.

Strengthening Families for ages 12-17

Ask about a referral to this skill building program for parents and adolescents.

Co-Parenting Classes

Classes for parents wanting to learn cooperative parenting skills after a separation or divorce. These classes are centered around the children and offer ways to make your child feel safe and loved during a challenging time for the whole family. The classes also include skills for step-parents, significant others, and grandparents.

For more information about the Nurturing Parenting Programs available through TEACH Inc. please contact us at (530)233-3111.